Project: Projects

By Calvin Morris

We promised a long time ago that we weren’t done with Projects. We also said that even though Projects makes time tracking and invoicing much less painful than they used to be, there’s plenty of room for improvement. We’re introducing lot a of these improvements when we release the Ballpark redesign.

The problem(s) with Projects

Projects added a lot of organization to time tracking and invoicing, but there were a few problems that surfaced after we added them. While the flexibility of being able to track time to a Company or a Project is cool, it’s potentially confusing for team leaders and team members. Our goal is to make life easier (and more organized) for everyone – not more complicated.

Having Companies AND Contacts as two separate areas within Ballpark is kind of weird. Soon, Companies and Contacts will live together in harmony as simply Clients, which is where you’ll put the people who work at a company and receive your estimates and invoices.

Now that we had gotten that out of the way, we had to address the confusion around time tracking. Projects are a great way to keep up with the health of your business at a glance, but that’s not actually true if your team isn’t tracking all of their time to Projects.

So rather than leaving that up to the team leaders to communicate, why don’t we just make it easy? In the upcoming release of Ballpark, all time will be tracked to a Project, for a Client.


Hooray structure!

Things are about to get really organized up in here. Don’t worry, your historical data and gobs of tracked time aren’t going anywhere. The short version: all clients will have a default project, so anything that hasn’t been assigned to a project already will get dropped into that bucket.

We think this structure is going to make Ballpark much easier to use for everyone on your team. We’re already working on some super helpful workflow articles for you that we’ll post after we’ve released the new Ballpark out into the wild. We’re excited to share more of our expertise about working better, working faster, and staying informed on the health of your business.

I’m sure this update has raised a few questions for you, and I’d love to chat more about this. Just leave a comment here or shoot me an email!

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