New to Ballpark: Dropbox Chooser

By Jessie Jones

We are big fans of Dropbox at Ballpark and use it constantly to store and share files throughout the team. The best part about it is that we can access those files from anywhere at anytime—web, mobile, you name it—which makes it kind of essential for an app like Ballpark. So, in the spirit of the New Year (and a year of fewer facepalms), we introduce the Dropbox Chooser for Ballpark.

Now, when you click the “Attach files” button at the bottom of your quote template or in your Internal Comment and Client Discussion windows, you’ll have the option to choose files from your Dropbox account, as well as from your computer as always.

To test it out, click “Choose file from Dropbox” to open your Dropbox account in a new window. Once you’re here, you can browse your account and choose the file you want to attach to your invoice, estimate, or discussion. A link to a private page on Dropbox’s website is added as an attachment, so clients and teammates can click the link to view or download the file as usual.

Not only is the Dropbox chooser fast (no waiting for files to upload), it lets you attach anything and everything that you can fit in your Dropbox account and gives you more mobility than ever with Ballpark. Not a bad start to the year, huh?

Check it out now and let us know how we did!

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