Making Plans and Remembering the Little Things

By Patrick McNeely

A few months ago, we released Projects to the world. It was huge for us, marking our first big feature push since taking the reins at Ballpark. Our whole team thanks you for all of your kind, encouraging words and all of the ideas for how to make Projects even more useful.

Planning for the Future

We’ve got big plans for Projects–and all of Ballpark–over the next six months.

We recently laid out all of your feature requests, put marker to whiteboard and mapped out what Ballpark is going to look like next year.


We also did some very serious persona work.


We have a list of features, a ton of whiteboard sketches and a plan. Now, we’re off to design and build it. I can’t wait to give you a real peek at what we’re up to in a few months.

For now, I’ll just say this: Projects is going to get even more important, time tracking will receive some major love, and a big, frequently requested feature will finally have its day.

A Few Things Behind Us

In addition to all the planning and big-picture drawing, the team has been busy fixing things and making smaller updates that you may not have noticed. Here’s what’s changed:


  • The payments graph in Reports now maps $0 days. I know that doesn’t sound important, but the previous graph was actually fairly inaccurate.
  • We increased the number of timers shown with each click of Load More on the Time screen. This is a big time saver, particularly for teams trying to track down a timer from several days ago.
  • When a client pays an invoice in a currency other than what you’ve specified in Ballpark, or is specified by your Stripe account, Ballpark will now accurately show a converted balance on that invoice once a payment has been made.

Bug Fixes

  • Touch devices, like iPads, were having trouble selecting text inputs in some instances. Not anymore.
  • We removed Markdown from invoice line items to avoid confusion when numbering individual line items.
  • We fixed time tracking report filters to include today’s time when specified by the date filter.
  • We tracked down an issue when sometimes adding reusable items would create a new, blank line item.
  • There was a bug that would sometimes cause Ballpark to not display certain timers on the Time page based on changing timezones. This was a weird one that’s gone now.
  • In client creation, we fixed email validation when using copy+paste.

As always, let us know if you think of anything you’d like to be better about Ballpark, and we’ll see what we can do. Shoot us an email at or say “hey” on Twitter (we’re @ballparkapp) .

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