It’s About Time

By Calvin Morris

Last week, we formally announced the upcoming redesign of Ballpark. Since then, we’ve received some very helpful feedback, and we really want to thank you for taking the time to respond. We mean that sincerely.

Not only did we read your input, but hearing your passion for making Ballpark better makes us even more excited to deliver a product worth raving about. But to get there, we know it will take more than just a fresh coat of paint – it requires us to rethink the way that all (and we do mean all) of the current features work. As we say often, we don’t just need a different UI, we need a smarter UI.

Based on feedback from our users, our team has been working hard to think through every piece of the Ballpark experience, from the way new projects are entered, to the way final invoices are sent – and everything in between. Not only will this make Ballpark much easier to use on day one, it also sets the table for an entirely new group of features yet to come.

Today, we’re delighted to pull back the curtain on some of the improved features you can expect with the new Ballpark, starting with tracking time.

Building a Better Timer

We know that not everyone invoices based on time tracking, but lots of you do. If you’re one of those folks, you’re about to be really excited. We’ve been giving a lot of our attention right now to a quintessential part of the Ballpark experience: tracking your time. In the new Ballpark, timers are much more intuitive, and time-entry is lightning quick. We’re removing the requirement to add notes for every single timer, and are instead focusing the UI on assigning time to a Project or Category. The Notes field will still be there if you need it, but if you don’t, it’ll stay out of your way.


Going forward, timer-only users will no longer have to see other members’ time on their dashboard. We’re introducing My Timesheet to help many users focus on why they logged into Ballpark in the first place: to track time.


We’re Unbreaking Reporting

You need reporting that puts you back in control, so we’ve made time reports easier to generate, edit, and analyze. Gone are the days when you were forced to jump between screens to make simple adjustments to time entries – administrators will be able to bulk-edit the time entries for all users in the report, making reporting a much faster process.

This kind of in-line editing will be available throughout the new Ballpark. All users can edit their timers anywhere they can see their time, whether they’re inside a Project, Invoice, or Timesheet Report.

Reports will also have much more useful sorting and filtering, which is one of our most frequently requested improvements.

The My Timesheet approach also allows us to re-think mobile timing. The Timer has been completely overhauled to feel responsive and natural.


These big changes to the timer are just a taste of how intentional we are in our creation of a smarter, faster, and truly responsive Ballpark.

What’s Next

We realize that in order for the new Ballpark to be successful, we need to build a product that works for you – not the other way around. By improving the time tracking and reporting features, Ballpark helps agencies grow the business side of their business. And there’s more where that comes from.

Stay tuned, sports fans.

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